adhesive for roughcast, mortar and concentrated concrete
BlokFix CC

Concentrated adhesive for mortar, grout, concrete and plaster

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What is it?

BlokFix CC is a super-concentrated adhesive highly recommended as an adhesive because it provides excellent adhesion, besides reducing cracks and increasing mortar and concrete strength.

Where to apply?

BlokFix CC is a concentrated adhesive for conventional rough casting, slurry casting, shotcrete, EPS casting, adhesive for bonding mortar, plastering and caulking fixer.

Why use it?

Formulated from high-performance synthetic resins, when mixed with cement and sand, it provides excellent adhesion to the most diverse substrates. Its polymeric characteristics reduce cracking and increase mortar strength.

BlokFix CC

Concentrated adhesive for mortar, grout, concrete and plaster

Your construction site deserves the best when it comes to applying roughcasts, mortars or concrete. BlokFix CC is a super concentrated adhesive for roughcast mortars.

Fields of application
  • Roughcast, roughcast, shotcrete and EPS roughcast (Styrofoam®)
  • Bonding additive for concrete bonding bridge
  • Additive for repair mortars, plastering, coating and finishing
  • Whitewash painting
  • Concentrate
  • Low cost per square meter
  • Low VOC
  • Decreases shrinkage, cracking and permeability of mortars
  • Increases mortar resistance
  • High adhesion on Styrofoam (Styrofoam®)
  • Reduction of splashes during the application of the rough casting, consequently, reduction of waste
Packaging and yield
  • 50 kg - 909 m²
Safe aplication
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