About Blok

Souza Filho Waterproofing

High performance.
Maximum reliability.

Solidity is a key word in any construction.
In construction or in building a relationship, solidity is a guarantee of trust.

And with nearly three decades of history, Souza Filho knows that the value of trust is as important for those who are raising a building as it is for those who are seeking a partnership.

This is how we consolidated our name as a synonym of high quality waterproofing products.

We thoroughly study every need of our customers and spare no efforts to provide tailored solutions. Therefore, in addition to offering
the best products on the market, we are also a reference in technical support.

Now, as a natural evolution of this long-lasting and successful partnership, we present our new line of BLOK waterproofing products.


Blok product line.

For any challenge.

BLOK brings the security that your work deserves, preventing the passage of water and avoiding cracks in the most different surfaces.

BLOK is technology at the service of your construction.
It is the guarantee that the end result will reflect all the
technical knowledge of all those involved in your project.

More than preserving the excellence of your construction,
we are always at your side. Ready to answer
to any question. Ready to face any challenge.

With BLOK, you buy waterproofing products and gain a reliable partner.

It's easy to tell when a building uses Blok products: not a drop goes past.