/Silicone applicator bag 600ml

sachet applicator your site needs. For any challenge.

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If you are a professional and work with product application, you know that using the right tool for each service is essential to get the best performance and quality that the works require.

The Blok accessories line has the equipment you need, for any challenge.

Robust and ergonomic, the Blok 600ml silicone sachet applicator was specially made to meet the professionals who demand quality.

Designed in aluminum, it provides lightness and practicality in handling and application, increasing even more the day to day performance. The Blok gun is for any challenge.

Line of sealant applicators

/Silicone applicator bag 600ml
Sachet Applicator 600 ml
Sachet Applicator 600 ml
Sachet Applicator 600ml Blok. Robust and ergonomic, the sachet applicator 600ml Blok was specially made to meet the professionals who demand quality
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600ml sachet applicator

Blok Applicator Sachet 600ml
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Silicone sealant sachet 600ml
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