silane siloxane for water based façade water repellent silane siloxane

It is easy to know when a facade OR FLOOR has BLOKSEALwater-repellent silicone : not a drop passes

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Your construction site deserves maximum protection in waterproofing, and only BlokSeal has the line of water repellent silicones ideal for protecting surfaces that receive constant water impact.

Easy to apply, high performance and quick drying, BlokSeal, BlokSeal CC and BlokSeal Pisos are water repellent, based on siloxane silane, which protects and preserves the appearance of the material and maintains the natural aesthetics of the surface.

Widely used, it is strongly recommended for applications on exposed concrete, cement mortar façade coating, exposed brick, unglazed ceramic tile, porous stone façade and floor, ceramic tile, fiber cement tile and concrete.

You may not even see the protective layer of the BlokSeal line, but it will be impossible not to see the results. Use BlokSeal in your construction and don't give moisture a chance.

water repellent silicones for facades AND FLOORS

silane siloxane for water based façade water repellent silane siloxane
Silane Siloxane
Water-based siloxane silane that makes the surface hydrophobic. It promotes invisible layer of protection on bricks and porous coatings without changing color and gloss.
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Water repellent silicone for facade water based silane siloxane concentrated
BlokSeal CC
Water repellent silicone
Water-based silicone water repellent for facades that makes the surface waterproof. Promotes an invisible layer of protection that prevents infiltrations without changing color.
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water repellent for porous floors
BlokSeal Floors
Water repellent for porous floors
Do not slip when choosing the ideal water repellent for protecting porous floors. BlokSeal Pisos is the product that ensures greater protection for floors!
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BlokSeal Line Applications

BlokSeal CC
BlokSeal Floors
Façade Coating
Cementitious Mortar
Fair-faced Concrete
Fiber Cement Roof Tile
Concrete Tile
Ceramic Tile
Ceramic Bricks
Siding or Facing Bricks
Concrete Block
Porous Stones in Facades
Porous Stones in Floors
Athermic Floors
Cimetallic floor covering
Concrete Floors
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