Surface Hardener

Nanotechnology in surface hardeners is more quality for concrete floors

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Our quality surpasses any challenge.

Even more when it comes to surface hardeners for concrete.

Developed with nanotechnology, the Blok Endupiso line offers specific products for every need.

Whether for the heaviest industrial use or even for residential applications, Blok Endupiso increases concrete strength and reduces frictional wear.

Blok Endupiso hardener line: tough even in name. The quality that surpasses any challenge.

Even more so when it comes to concrete surface hardener.

Developed with nanotechnology, Blok Endupiso penetrates into concrete pores and turns into hard crystals that increase resistance to frictional wear.

Range of surface hardeners

Surface Hardener
Endupiso Blok
Surface Hardener for Concrete
Surface hardener, Blok Endupiso. The quality that overcomes any challenge. Even more when it comes to concrete surface hardener.
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Applications of Blok Endupiso line of surface hardeners

Endupiso Blok
Industrial floors
Polished concrete
Bodies made of concrete
Concrete Artefacts
Cementitious mortars
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