Research and Development

It would be much easier to just offer market products.

But if we only did what's easiest, we wouldn't be Blok.

For those who believe that construction is all the same, we are convinced that this is far from the truth.

After all, innovation has always been part of our history.
It's in our DNA.
It's what brought us here.

Whether it is a simple renovation or the construction of a building, each project has its particularity, its specificity, its challenge.

We consider a successful work the one that manages to unite the result of a good product with the effectiveness and efficiency of the achieved results.
It is the value beyond what our effort can measure.

What is your challenge?

And, if your project demands great challenges, we are ready to meet your demand and protect your construction site from any problem.

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We invest more and more in technology for you to invest even more in your projects.

Those looking for durability and reliability look for the Blok seal when building.

That is why, in addition to the quality of our products, we put all our expertise in Chemistry and in Research and Development of New Products at the forefront.

More than preserving the excellence of your construction, we are always at your side. Ready to answer any question. Ready to face any challenge.

With BLOK, you buy waterproofing products and gain a reliable partner.