pu sealant

Sealant with great elasticity and durability, only blok offers

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With BlokSil you get high performance pu sealant for sealing, sealing and fixing, which avoid waste during application, have high durability to weathering and are environmentally friendly.

Developed especially for civil construction, the BlokSil sealant line can be widely used for sealing, expansion joints, facades and glass.

Just apply BlokSil and it turns into a flexible and extremely adherent and resistant rubber.

BlokSil meets international technical standards, necessary to ensure the quality and durability that your construction deserves.

Quality PU sealant has only one: BlokSil.

BlokSIL line of PU sealant

pu sealant
BlokSil MS
PU Sealant
Developed especially for construction, BlokSil MS is a pu sealant widely used for sealing, expansion joints, facades and glass.
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Applications of BlokSil line of PU sealant and mastic

BlokSil MS
Vertical expansion joint
Horizontal expansion joint
Frame sealing
Gutters, Flashings and Dripping
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