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BlokGesso Glue

Additive for Making Plaster Glue

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Plaster Glue
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Manufacture of Gypsum Glue
Client: Lucas de Oliveira
What is it?

BlokGesso Cola is the right product for professionals who put quality above all. BlokGesso Cola is an additive for the manufacture of plaster glue for that increases yield and reduces material waste.

Where to apply?

BlokGesso Glue is highly recommended for the manufacture of glue for plaster, or plaster glue.

Why use it?

Add more additive and be sure of a perfect bond between the plaster pieces. Like Blok the plaster sticks and does not peel off.

BlokGesso Glue

Additive for Making Plaster Glue

Additive for Plaster Glue, BlokGesso Glue. Our quality surpasses everything. It just won't beat your sales results. Additive for Plaster Glue.

Fields of application
  • Manufacture of Gypsum Glue
  • High performance and low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Dosage according to use
  • High bonding strength
Packaging and yield
  • 5.882 kg of gypsum glue
Safe aplication
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Blok is a waterproofing line that always puts quality in each product and the safety of our customers at the forefront. When handling chemicals, read all recommendations and be sure to always use the safety equipment recommended on the label, Technical Data Sheet or MSDS of each product.
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