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BlokForma Madeiras

Release Agent for Wooden Forms Concrete

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What is it?

BlokForma Madeiras is a concentrated release agent for wood forms based on synthetic emulsions.

Where to apply?

Release agent for wooden moulds, raw wood, resin-coated wood and plasticized wood.

Why use it?

Prevents concrete from adhering to the formwork, facilitating stripping and enabling greater reuse of wooden forms. Improve the finish of the demolded parts.

BlokForma Madeiras

Release Agent for Wooden Forms Concrete

BlokForma Madeiras is the guarantee your site needs when it comes to concrete release agent.

Fields of application
  • Wooden forms
  • Blanks of raw wood
  • Resin wood shapes
  • Plywood forms
  • Plasticized wooden forms
  • Concentrated product
  • Does not contain toxic solvents
  • Biodegradable
  • Raw materials from renewable sources
  • Does not leave stains and residues on the concrete surface
  • Increases the service life of wooden forms
  • Improves the finish of the demolded parts
  • Reduces mould cleaning costs
Packaging and yield
  • 18 liters - Resin and raw form - 1,440 m² / Plasticized and plywood form - 6,840 m²
  • 50 litres - Resin and raw form - 4,000 m² / Plasticized and plywood form - 19,000 m²
  • 200 litres - Resin and raw form - 16,000 m² / Plasticised and plywood form - 76,000 m²
Safe aplication
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