plasticizer additive for mortar

It is more strength and durability for mortars and concretes

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Waterproofs, increases quality and makes work easier.

It may seem like a miracle, but Blok puts in your hands a complete line of plasticizer mortar additive solutions that face any challenge.

Recommended for internal and external plastering, laying, leveling, foundations and foundations, our plasticizer mortar additives provide great plasticity and ease to work with cement-based mortars.

It also allows faster construction due to increased productivity and performance. Guarantee the quality of your work with those who guarantee the quality of the best products. Use Blok.

LINE BlokLiga and BlokMass ST of plasticizers and waterproofing products

plasticizer additive for mortar
Plastifying Additive for Mortar
If the subject is plasticizer additive for mortar, BlokLiga is the authority on the subject. Recommended for internal and external plaster and laying mortars.
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waterproofing and plasticizer for plaster
BlokMassa ST
Waterproofing and Plasticizer for Plastering
Three in one: you waterproof your plaster, improve quality and work easier. It may seem like a miracle, but it's BlokMassa ST.
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Applications of the Blokliga and Blokmassa st line of plasticizers and waterproofing products

BlokMassa ST
Plasticizer for mortar
Plasticizer for concrete
Decreases mortar shrinkage
Reduces mortar cracking
Improves workability
Assists in water retention and cement curing
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