Innovative solutions for those who work with plaster.

Waterproofing, water repellent and plaster retarder.

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Blok is known for always innovating solutions for the construction industry. And once again it stands out in bringing to market products specially developed for those who work with plaster. That's right, a complete line with waterproofing, water repellent and retarders hardening.

Everything to facilitate even more the day to day of professionals who apply all types of plaster. Ideal for the production of decorative pieces, drywall plates, plaster hydro blocks, moldings, 3D plaster plates, plaster artifacts in general and even for crafts.

It is everything you ever wanted to ensure the protection of plaster in any environment. Even against the action of water and moisture. Get to know our products.

After all, those who look for quality and reliability, look for the Blok seal when buying.

water repellent for plaster

water repellent for plaster
Water repellent for Gypsum
Hydrofugante for Gypsum, BlokGesso. The product that was missing for professionals who work with plaster. Only those who try it know how innovative this product is.
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Additives plaster glue and plaster retarder

gypsum glue
BlokGesso Glue
Additive for Making Plaster Glue
Additive for Plaster Glue, BlokGesso Glue. Our quality surpasses everything. It just won't beat your sales results. Additive for Plaster Glue.
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gypsum retardant
BlokGesso Slow
Gypsum Retardant
Plaster Retardant, BlokGesso Slow. Who works with plaster knows it needs to be fast. But there is an ideal product to slow the hardening.
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