Pu sealant for gutters and flashings without headache? Use Bloksil.

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When you use Blok products, your construction site is 100% safe. And when it comes to gutters and flashings, Blok has the ideal solution in sealants.

Combining experience in developing special products for construction with the latest technology, we offer the best mastics on the market, specially developed for professionals who work with placement and application of flashings, gutters, window frames, glass and the most diverse applications.

They have excellent adhesion, impermeability, flexibility and weather resistance. With the Blok sealants line, your work will go further and be ready to face any challenge.

PU Sealant

pu sealant
BlokSil MS
PU Sealant
Developed especially for construction, BlokSil MS is a pu sealant widely used for sealing, expansion joints, facades and glass.

Sachet and cartridge applicator up to 600ml

/Silicone applicator bag 600ml
Sachet Applicator 600 ml
600ml Sachet Applicator for Polyurethane, PU and Silicone Putty
Sachet Applicator 600ml Blok. Robust and ergonomic, the sachet applicator 600ml Blok was specially made to meet the professionals who demand quality
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