Additives to combat efflorescence

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Easy to apply and of incomparable quality to combat efflorescence, Blok offers a complete line of products with immediate action.

Whether in the prevention or conversion (cure) of efflorescence, Blok Eflohard reacts with the free lime present in mortar and concrete, which, by transforming into hardened compounds, puts an end to this common problem in various phases of construction.

Blok offers complete treatment, from prevention to corrective maintenance of pathological effects, such as efflorescence.

Blok Eflohard is an efflorescence converter that reacts with the free lime present in mortar and concrete and, by transforming it into hardened compounds, stops this common problem in several phases of construction.

efflorescence converter

Blok Eflohard
Efflorescence, the Solution.
Efflorescence is with Blok Eflohard. Easy to apply and unmatched quality in the fight against efflorescence, Blok Eflohard has immediate action against efflorescence.
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Eflohard Blok Applications

Blok Eflohard
Ceramic block
Concrete block
Coating mortars
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