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This section is dedicated to those who are always looking for more knowledge, updating and want to be part of the elite team of the construction industry.

After all, we at Blok have a commitment to you, who are part of this booming market and demand more technology, innovation and quality. That's why we bring to you a rich content of explanatory materials for each of our products.

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Efflorescence: Learn All About This Pathology

Do you know what efflorescence is? This question is the focus of this book, which will cover everything related to this pathological manifestation so common in construction sites.

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Free Book] Negative and Positive Pressure Waterproofing

Do you know the difference between negative and positive water pressure? Download here the Complete Guide to Negative and Positive Pressure Waterproofing.

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Façade Infiltration: A Complete Guide to Building Maintenance

If you are a professional and work directly with building maintenance, you certainly need this complete PDF on Façade Infiltration. Download it now!

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Plaster Hidrofugado - The revolution of the plaster industry

Do you want to increase the value of your products? Get ready for a new phase in your business. Do as several companies and download this PDF on Waterproof Plaster.

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