fixing adhesive for roughcast, mortar and concrete

Adhesives for mortar, roughcast, concrete and plaster.

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Avoid waste when applying mortars and plaster.

BlokFix is the product line most recommended as an adhesive for concrete, mortars for regularization, cementitious slabs and plaster, because it provides excellent adhesion, as well as reducing cracks and increasing the strength of materials.

Formulated from high performance synthetic resins, when mixed with cement and sand or plaster, they provide excellent adhesion to various substrates.

Its polymeric characteristics reduce cracking and increase mortar resistance.

BlokFix is a line of adhesives for conventional roughcast, rolled roughcast, sprayed roughcast, EPS roughcast, adhesive for bonding mortar, plastering, grout and plaster fixer.

adhesives for roughcast, mortar, plaster and concrete

fixing adhesive for roughcast, mortar and concrete
Adhesive for mortar, grout, concrete and plaster
Avoid waste during application. BlokFix is the most recommended product as an adhesive for concrete, mortars and cementitious screeds.
adhesive for roughcast, mortar and concentrated concrete
BlokFix CC
Concentrated adhesive for mortar, grout, concrete and plaster
Your construction site deserves the best when it comes to applying roughcasts, mortars or concrete. BlokFix CC is a super concentrated adhesive for roughcast mortars.
Fixing adhesive for plaster, mouldings and frames
BlokFix Plaster
Fixative Adhesive for Plaster, Racks and Frames
Those who work with plaster know how important it is to choose the best product for application and fixing of moldings, moldings and plaster in general.

BlokFix line applications

BlokFix CC
BlokFix Plaster
Rolled roughcast
Adhesion bridge for concrete
EPS frame with cement mortar
Plaster mouldings
Plaster mouldings
EPS framing with plaster
Gypsum artifacts
Plasticizer for plaster
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